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The EEN Challenge: A World IBD Day Tradition 4 Years Running

In 2017, Kelly Issokoson, MS, RD, of Cedars-Sinai spearheaded the #EENChallenge as a way to raise awareness and show support for EEN therapy in patients with IBD. The EEN challenge consists of one day of consuming only enteral nutrition formula, ideally the same formula Crohn's Disease patients on EEN consume every day while on the therapeutic diet.

The EEN Challenge: A World IBD Day Tradition 4 Years Running

In addition to raising awareness, the EEN challenge also provides the opportunity for providers to develop greater empathy concerning some of the difficulties their patients might face while being on EEN.

The EEN Challenge has continued to gain support year after year as healthcare providers around the country commit to spending a day in their patients' shoes. Most providers taking the challenge stick to oral consumption, but this year a few providers went the extra mile. For world IBD day 2021, Dr. Dale Lee and Dr. David Suskind of Seattle Children's Hospital demonstrated self-insertion of a nasogastric tube for their EEN Challenge feeds on Instagram.






As the use of EEN therapy continues to be studied in IBD, the #EENChallenge will remain a unique way for healthcare practitioners and family members to spend a day in an IBD patient's shoes. While World IBD Day 2021 might be behind us, don't let that stop you from inviting your coworkers, family, and friends and taking the #EENChallenge!


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