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Become an active participant in our Nutritional Therapy for IBD community. Discover various ways to engage and advocate for evidence-based nutrition in IBD. Your involvement is invaluable. Improving the lives and health outcomes of people with Crohn's and colitis would not be possible without you!

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Facebook and Instagram Fundraisers are simple and easy ways to help raise monetary donations to make evidence-based nutritional therapy a foundational part of IBD treatment.

Need ideas for a fundraiser? Tap into whatever it is you're good at or enjoy doing - handcrafting, running a marathon, or anything else. You can use your creative own ideas to start your fundraiser.

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Making some of our creative IBD-friendly recipes is another fun, delicious and healthy way to spread awareness of nutrition. You can surprise everyone with how delicious these recipes can be. Visit our recipes for ideas for delicious snacks and desserts.

Ready to start your own fundraiser? Click one of the links below, choose Nutritional Therapy for IBD as the non-profit, and invite your friends and family to support you in this important cause!

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Raise Awareness

Raise Awareness: Click and save our Raise Awareness graphic and help spread global awareness on the vital role of evidence-based nutrition in IBD. Use #evidencebasednutritionIBD and be part of our community

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The ThinkTank group is our private and safe Facebook group where we invite you to provide feedback and share your thoughts on projects that contribute to advancing our mission.

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