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Nutritional Updates from UEG 2021

The United European Gastroenterology Conference was held virtually October 3-5, 2021. Nutritional highlights from the meeting include the following:

Nutritional Updates from UEG 2021

Lihi Godney, RD from Rabin Medical Center in Israel presents: 

"Metabolites determine the effects of IBD diets and may be the gate to specific therapy", providing an overview of  the latest findings regarding metabolomics in IBD, the complex interaction with the microbiome and diet, and how it can be used as a target or in order to assess response to dietary therapies in IBD.

"IBD: Nutrition as treatment modification", covering different dietary approaches to induce remission in patients with active CD and focusing on the potential use of the Mediterranean diet to target multiple outcomes in patients with IBD.

"What's new in 2021: Can we use diet for IBD prevention?", a review of  recent studies demonstrating the potential effect of diet as IBD risk modifier, highlighting the association between ultra-processed food intake and the risk of IBD and can it be translated to practical recommendations?

Dr. Arie Levine presents the CRAFT UC Trial - A novel trial of a UC diet +/- FMT in UC patients failing medical therapy. Diet alone achieves higher clinical remission and mucosal healing than FMT +/- diet.

Dr. C.M. Verburgt presents "Successful dietary therapy in pediatric Crohn's disease corrects compositional dysbiosis by reducing Proteobacteria". Analysis of diet induced remission with CDED + PEN or EEN shows a correction of dysbiosis toward healthy controls characterized by a drop in Proteobacteria.

Professor Dan Turner presents a poster on 5 patients enrolled in the ongoing "Tasty and Healthy" trial, illustrating the potential of this dietary treatment to improve symptoms and reduce inflammation in patients with Crohn's disease.

Lihi Godney, RD presents a poster on the feasibility and beneficial biological effects of a Mediterranean diet educational program in healthy individuals.

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